Steel Garden is the name of my debut collection of short stories and poetry. For me, it was a way to work through daily life and also to escape it through fiction and poems. I guess that’s why I decided to name this online world after it.

Steel garden is the foundation, the unchanging part, of the beautiful mess of every day life. It’s the hardscape we’ve created, but it can be changed every season by what we put into it, whatever growth we allow to stay or renew.

Why a newsletter? Because social media is getting messy, and I want to create a more personal way to reach out. I don’t want to cross my fingers and hope we get to interact. I hope that this will be a way to create an online community like the one I have in “real life.”

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If you’re able to, paying unlocks:

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Other places you can find me: Instagram, YouTube, my podcast, and Boise, Idaho (where I tend to be chatting with clients or doing creative things).

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Look for Steel Garden where you buy books. This is a space for stories and bits of life. I own a salon with my husband where we talk with clients all day. I overthink those talks (and my own life) on the page.


Asian-American writer and abstract artist. Author of Steel Garden. Owner and conversationalist at The Bench Salon.